Friday, 14 November 2008

A Frosty Friday Morning in November!

Well good morning!

Hope you are all well!
Its flipping freezing today and windy!

So I haven't written for ages! Its been a busy few months! My mum got married! It was so lovely! Everyone had such a great day!


I have taken up knitting! The thing no one tells you is that it is addictive! It should come with a freaking health warning! Seriously!

Its the most impossible thing to put down until you are finished! So i have been knitting all sorts of cosy neck warmers, scarfs and cowls! All so cosy and chunky!

I'm still learning but it feels so natural! Its really satisfying! Oh and relaxing!
It feels right on a cold night to be sitting all cosy in my house watching TV knitting!

Wool is just amazing tho! Seriously! Have you any idea how many types of wool there are?! Ok so you probably do! I'm new to this tho! lol!

There are loads of gorgeous wool/yarn shops on etsy but the one i went with for now is Snowberrylime!

This shop features the hand spun yarn of Veronika! She is soooo helpful and very friendly! The one i bought was Pearl, hand spun Merino and silk yarn, it actually looks gorgeous!

Oh you want a picture...............................oh ok!

I mean look at it! Its like a big gorgeous fluffy marshmallow!

Its 50% Merino wool/50% Tussah silk, 73m/80 yards, about 102g/3.6oz, bulky for $20! Bargain!

It is going to be thee most gorgeous! Scarf!

SnowberryLime has soo many to choose from take a look at Veronikas shop you wont be dissapointed and its a must for any wool fanatic!

This one is Veronikas fav of the moment!
Red coral hand spun yarn
I can see why! Its lovely! Gorgeous colours!
This one is Organic falkland wool with Angelina sparkle and wool nepps, red Merino wool, 108m/117 yards, 100g/3.5oz, bulky for $28! Again that's a great price for the quality you are getting!
So click here for a link to snowberrylime and see all Veronikas other equally gorgeous hand spun yarn!

Right im off to do some housework! Well someone has to! Im not rich enough for that cleaner yet! lol!

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